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Acoustics research centre


Postgraduate research applications

Details of the applications procedure for postgraduate research degrees

For all further enquiries concerning applications to our postgraduate research programmes, please  email: cstresearch@salford.ac.uk.

Acoustics research centre

Please address enquiries to the centre director, Professor Andy Moorhouse, at a.t.moorhouse@salford.ac.uk.

Enquiries for specific areas of Acoustics research

Acoustics Measurements: Andy Elliott at a.s.elliott@salford.ac.uk.

Architectural and Building Acoustics: Trevor Cox at t.j.cox@salford.ac.uk.

Audio Engineering: Ben Shirley at b.g.shirley@salford.ac.uk.

Computer Modelling of Sound: Yui Lam at y.w.lam@salford.ac.uk.

Environmental Noise and Vibration: David Waddington at d.c.waddington@salford.ac.uk.

Materials for Acoustics: Olga Umnova at o.umnova@salford.ac.uk.

Psychoacoustics: Bill Davies at w.davies@salford.ac.uk.

Public Engagement:  Trevor Cox at t.j.cox@salford.ac.uk.

Vibro-acoustics: Andy Elliott at a.s.elliott@salford.ac.uk.