Thursday 30 July 2015

PROFESSOR Miklas Scholz - Chair in Civil Engineering – was guest professor in July at the top-ranked University of Electronic Science and Technology in China.

Miklas, a leading expert in water resource engineering, was the only non-Chinese academic invited to teach on a summer school at the university’s School of Resources and the Environment, and also gave a keynote speech at the International Conference on Water Resource and Environment in Beijing during his stay in China.

Prof Scholz, has participated in more than 10 Chinese research projects since 2008, resulting in 14 journal paper publications.

He said: “This was a fantastic experience and a great honour to be invited to teach the school and to present the lead keynote at an international conference.

“The issues around water resource and systems are huge in China where they face considerable environmental challenges.”

Professor Scholz is closely working with his host Dr Qinli Yang who was his PhD student and together they have written 13 journal papers.

In November, Miklas publishes an Elsevier book entitled Wetlands for Water Pollution Control (2nd edition.)