Dr Yuhua Li

Lecturer in Computer Science

  • Newton Building Room 203
  • T: +44 (0)161 295 6329
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Office Times

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I have conducted theoretical and applied research in machine learning, pattern recognition, data science, semantic similarity analysis and condition monitoring.  My most cited research paper has been cited about 900 times. My expertise in pattern recognition and machine learning includes statistical and geometrical methods and neural networks for feature/pattern selection and data analysis, knowledge discovery and inference. Most notably my contributions to machine learning and pattern recognition include the development of anomaly/novelty detection methods for safety-critical systems on which there is limited or no knowledge, and the study of informative observation selection techniques for sensors/measurements location optimization for problems such as effective monitoring and process control. My work in semantic similarity analysis is among the top cited publications in this area and has found real applications. I have led and carried out research projects funded by government and industry. I have obtained extensive experience in working with different sizes of national and international companies. My research has been applied to solve problems in digital manufacturing, plant monitoring, financial engineering, etc. I have been invited to give talks at universities and international conferences. I have served as a committee member for many international conferences.


I have taught a wide range of core modules in computing science at universities. Current teaching includes:

Data structures and algorithms

Formal development of software systems


Research Interests

Machine learning, pattern recognition, neural networks

Data Science, Big Data, predictive analytics

Data/text mining, signal processing

Anomaly/novelty detection, pattern selection, feature selection

Intelligent condition monitoring, predictive maintenance

Semantic similarity analysis, conversational agents

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD General Engineering, University of Leicester

Senior member, IEEE

Fellow, Higher Education Academy


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  • Yi Cao, Yuhua Li, Sonya Coleman, Ammar Belatreche, Martin McGinnity  (2015)
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  • Haider Raza, Girijesh Prasad, Yuhua Li (2015)
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