Dr O. Anwar Bég

Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics

  • Newton Building G77
  • T: +44 (0)161 295 4570
  • E: o.a.beg@salford.ac.uk

Office Times

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I joined Salford University as Lecturer in Fluid Mechanics in March 2016. I developed and delivered the MEng (Hons) Aerospace Engineering degree at Sheffield Hallam University (2007-2012) working closely with Dr. Nazrul Islam and Dr. Robin Acheson. I also led research in theoretical biofluid mechanics and computational rocket heat transfer. I taught aerodynamics, thermofluids, energy systems, railway fluid mechanics, propulsion, heat transfer, aero-structures and solid mechanics. Thereafter I spent another period in industry and simultaneously collaborated on mathematical flow modelling with universities in the USA, Malaysia, Holland, France, Canada, Iran, Pakistan, India and Algeria. My research focus has diversified in recent years into five major areas- nanofluid dynamics (for enhanced heat transfer and petroleum applications), hypersonic/supersonic boundary layers (self-similar flows), physiological fluid dynamics and heat and mass transfer (peristalsis, tissue thermal conduction, bio-tribological squeeze films, bacterial propulsion and bioconvection), non-Newtonian transport phenomena (bubbly flows, coating, atomization, swirling, enrobing and porous media, often utilizing viscoelastic and Eringen micro-continuum models) and also electromagnetic flows (ion drag pumps, magnetic induction, Hall generators, Marangoni magnetic flows). I have supervised a number of PhD and MSc dissertations in gas turbine film cooling and swirling nanofluid mechanics and nonlinear bioconvection. I have also supervised numerous MEng (Hons) projects in mathematical modelling of rocket chamber and radiative heat transfer.


My teaching focus is in the delivery of fluid mechanics modules to undergraduate mechanical and petroleum engineers (level 4, 5,6), CFD to MSc (level 7) students. In 2007 I was runner up for the Lloyds TSB Jewels teaching Awards for my work in fire dynamics lecturing. In 2012 I won the SHU Inspirational Teaching Award at Sheffield Hallam University for excellence in rocket propulsion and aerodynamics lectures and also gave many master lectures on biomimetic aerodynamics and nano-robotic propulsion. 

Research Interests

I am on the editorial board of the Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology and have in the past edited special volumes on medical and nanoscale fluid dynamics including the IMECHE Journal of Nanoengineering and Nanosystems special volume on “Mathematical and Numerical Modelling in Nanofluid Dynamics (2012)”. I also regularly review for some leading journals in the areas in which I am engaged including Int. J. Thermal Sciences, IMECHE J Aerospace Engineering, IMECHE J. Engineering in Medicine, J. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Aerospace Science and Technology and J. Hydrodynamics B. I would welcome supervising either MSc or PhD students in mathematical modelling of petroleum  fluid dynamics, biomedical flows, heat and/or mass transfer. Examples of areas of interest can be obtained from the articles listed below.

Qualifications and Memberships

BEng (Hons), PhD (Manchester) SMAIAA, MSES, MIAHR, MIAFireSS


I have authored about 350 archived journal papers (in many leading high impact factor international journals). My current h-index is 36 and citations are nearly 5000.

Book Chapters

O. Anwar Bég, Numerical methods for multi-physical magnetohydrodynamics, Chapter 1, pp. 1-112, New Developments in Hydrodynamics  Research, M. J. Ibragimov and M. A. Anisimov, Eds., Nova Science, New York, September (2012).

O. Anwar Bég and D. Tripathi, Peristaltic pumping of nanofluids, Chapter 3, pages 69-96, Modeling and Simulation Methods and Applications, Eds (S. K. Basu, N. Kumar), Springer, Berlin, Aug. (2014).


O. Anwar Bég, Giants of Engineering Science, Matador, Leicester, UK (2003), [Translated into Chinese, 2008, Spanish 2010, Arabic 2012, Urdu 2014). [Involved extensive collaboration with MIT, Stanford, Caltech, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, UC San Diego, Hawaii University and Columbia University, USA]

O. Anwar Bég, R. Bhargava and M.M. Rashidi, Numerical Simulation in Micropolar Fluid Dynamics: Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 288 pages, ISBN: 978-3-8454-0916-0,  June (2011).

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1] N. S. Akbar and O. Anwar Bég (Editors), Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences, ISBN 978-953-51-2609-6, Print ISBN 978-953-51-2608-9, 300 pages, Publisher: InTech, includes 12 Chapters, August 31 (2016).

Journal Articles

M.S. A. Hourai, A. Tounsi and O. Anwar Bég, Thermoelastic bending analysis of functionally graded material sandwich plates using a new higher order shear and normal deformation theory, Int. J. Mechanical Sciences, 76, 102-111 (2013).

J.L. Curiel Sosa, O. Anwar Bég and J.M. Liebana Murillo, Finite element analysis of structural instability using a switching implicit–explicit technique, Int. J. Computational Methods in Engineering Science and Mechanics, 14, 452-464 (2013).

P. Rana, R. Bhargava and O. Anwar Beg, Finite element simulation of unsteady MHD transport phenomena on a stretching sheet in a rotating nanofluid, Proc. IMECHE- Part N; J. Nanoengineering and Nanosystems, 227, 77-99  (2013).

O. Anwar Bég, M. Hameed and  T.A. Bég, Chebyschev spectral collocation simulation of nonlinear boundary value problems in electrohydrodynamics, Int. J. Computational Methods in Engineering Science and Mechanics, 14,  104-115 (2013).

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O. Anwar Bég, M. Ferdows, Shamima Islam and M. Nazrul Islam, Numerical simulation of Marangoni magnetohydrodynamic bio-nanofluid convection from a non-isothermal surface with  magnetic induction effects: a bio-nanomaterial manufacturing transport model, J. Mechanics Medicine Biology14, 3, 1450039.1-1450039.32 (32 pages) (2014).

O. Anwar Bég, S.S. Motsa, M.N. Islam and M. Lockwood, Pseudo-spectral and variational iteration simulation of exothermically-reacting Rivlin-Ericksen viscoelastic flow and heat transfer in a rocket propulsion duct, Computational Thermal Sciences, 6, 1, 1-12 (12 pages)  (2014).

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Conference Papers

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