Professor Ghasem Nasr

Professor, Director of Spray Research Group, Petroleum Technology Research Group and Leader of Petroleum and Gas Engineering

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I am a full Professor with the Chair in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation in the School of Computing, Science and Engineering (CSE). I am Head of the Spray Research Group (SRG).  I have over 25 years academic and industrial experience which encompasses research, innovation, development, commercial and enterprise, curriculum development, management and resources. The group has collaborated and worked on various fundamental and applied research and development projects as well as building up innovation framework for over 100 multi-national companies and educational establishments.

I am an expert in ‘industrial’ atomiser design, atomisation processes, spray characterisation and their formation, utilising advanced laser instrumentations, imaging techniques, process development, CFD modelling and NPD (New Product Development) with ergonomics and cognitive issues. Supporting businesses and commerce worldwide utilising these skills protracted over two decades.

My pioneer works in ‘industrial’ spray, since 1988, have been embedded in every spray related matters and conference meetings worldwide.  My work has application in nanotechnology, petroleum, steel manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food, agriculture, aerospace, propulsion, humidification, automotive, decontamination, aerosol, medical etc.

I am the lead author of a major book in Industrial Sprays and Atomisation (Springer Verlag pub) and have over 120 journals, refereed conference publications and industrial reports and 10 granted patents.


Teaching  duties  currently  include  advanced  thermodynamics,  gas network analysis, heat transfer, heat exchanger design, combined heat and power, energy utilisation, measurement and research methods (BEng, MEng and MSc).

Research Interests

Sprays and Atomistion, New Product Development, Fire and Explosion and Fracking

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD, PgDip, MSc, MILASS, CEng, Eur Ing, Fellow IMechE, FellowIGEM


Sprays and Atomisation, Petroluem Technology, Energy and Environment and Multiphysics