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Injury assessment and rehabilitation
If you have an acute or initial injury, or a long-standing chronic problem, we will assess you before providing advice and treatment, which can include exercise rehabilitation, manual therapy and soft tissue treatment (massage).
Musculoskeletal screening and postural assessment
Through musculoskeletal screening and postural assessment, we can assess muscle length and posture to identify areas that will benefit from corrective work and exercises. This not only minimises the risk of future injuries, but can also lead to improved overall performance and health.
Injury prevention and performance enhancement
Based on a comprehensive assessment of your needs, we can provide general and specific injury prevention and performance enhancement programmes to ensure you are physically prepared for any work, sporting or recreational tasks you undertake.
Exercise programmes
We can help you with a full range of exercise programmes, ranging from basic ones to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength, to targeted strength and endurance plans, and work or sport-specific performance enhancement.
Sports massage
Soft tissue treatment, such as massage, can help you overcome an injury or be used as a preventative measure.
Health education
We can offer a wide range of information on all aspects of health, including lifestyle, recreational exercise, posture and the safe and effective performance of work and recreational tasks.