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Recruiting Students

Funded student and graduate internships 2017/18

Please note there is no longer any funding available for 2017/18. Funding will be available for 2018/19 from October 2018

The University of Salford has partnered with Santander to offer internship opportunities to University of Salford student and graduates. 

The internship duration will be between 4 and 10 weeks with the intern working on a full-time or part-time basis. Full-time positions are based on a 35-hour week.


Each intern under the Programme shall be paid a minimum of £300 per week based on a 35-hour week.

Internships will be part-funded by Santander at a rate of £150 per week to a maximum of £1,500, to be matched by the SME.

SMEs (small or medium sized businesses) employing less than 250 people, with a turnover of £50 million or less. They must be registered and based in the UK. Eligible organisations include companies, sole traders, partnerships and charities.

The start-dates can be flexible from October 2017 however they must begin before the end of October 2018.

The matched funding will be reimbursed by invoicing the University at the end of the internship and settled within 30 days of receipt. All payments are exempt of VAT. 

The employer is responsible for paying the student/graduate on their payroll for the full amount.

The employer is responsible for handling tax and NI payments, and all employer-related tax and NI contributions must be covered by the employer.

You will need to submit details about the role you wish to recruit for, including suitable start-dates, a brief job description, and a little about your business and how long you would like the internship to run. If suitable for the programme we will be in touch to confirm your involvement. Please click here to apply for the scheme.

Frequently asked questions

Can I take more than one student/graduate under this programme?

Participating SMEs can recruit a maximum of two interns through each cycle of the Programme.

How are students selected for an internship opportunity?

The application process is initially managed by the University, with all internship opportunities advertised on our student/graduate jobsite. Applicants will submit their CV and Covering Letters to us for initial screening, after which we will forward all suitable submissions to you for consideration. As the employer, you can then arrange interviews and make the final candidate selection for the internship position. We find this saves you time and makes the recruitment process hassle free.

If I am selected to take part in the scheme, do you guarantee to provide a student/graduate intern?

We will advertise all approved internship positions across a number of channels to our student and graduate population; however we cannot guarantee to find a suitable candidate for any particular internship opportunity. Our best advice is to be flexible with regards to the start-date of the internship opportunity and to devise a role that will be challenging enough for graduate-level students.

Please also be aware that we are allocated a set amount of funding each year through Santander. If we allocate our funding before the cycle finishes than we will not be able to continue with your application.

Can I recruit a student/graduate on a part-time basis?

Yes, this will be based on a 17.5 hour week and the intern will receive £150 per week.

What type of roles can employers offer?

Marketing & PR, Business Development & Research Projects, Environmental Management, Computer Science & IT, Biological Science & Research, Media, and Construction related opportunities have proved popular in previous years. However, we consider all areas of employment in which the University offers related courses. 

Our advice with regards the type of internship to offer would be to ensure it is sufficiently challenging for a graduate level employee, perhaps a graduate position you are looking to recruit for in the long term for which you can trial a student or graduate.

If you have any further questions please email our team at or call 0161 295 0023.