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Courses developed in partnership with business leaders

The Salford Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Salford MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a fully AMBA accredited degree that concentrates on developing the skills required to operate at senior levels within an organisation. The course offers an advanced understanding of business administration and incorporates a wide range of disciplines to deliver a comprehensive educational experience.

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One of the most flexible MBAs in the world

Accredited by AMBAStudents of the Salford MBA benefit from one of the most flexible learning structures available. The teaching, learning and assessment strategies of our unique delivery model have been designed to help all of our students make the most of their studies.

Study options include full and part-time delivery, combined with entry points in September, January and June. Teaching is delivered in the form of intensive, two day blocks of lectures, supported via tutorials, independent learning and business consultancy projects – all of which is incorporated into a six week modular structure.

The MBA is an excellent qualification due to its linkage of theory to practical application. This is achieved via company visits, guest speakers, case study analysis assessments, international field trips and the final 60 credit module of the project which has to incorporate research within a live company.

Our USP is the following- 1) Multiple intakes throughout the academic year, 2) International field trip, 3) Live research project of your choice, 2) Six week block delivery per module with on line and off line learning to maximise flexibility, 5) Business School of the Year- 2014.

"The Salford MBA has completely changed my way of thinking and attitude towards work. It has provided me with a new insight into how to view and run a business from top to bottom and to appreciate all aspects of it."- Basil Mohammed, MBA, 2015

All our MBA modules are also available as credit-bearing standalone short courses for those who want to tailor their learning experience and build upon their existing knowledge in specific disciplines.

Unique pathways enriched by leading research

Our MBA programme is available via four distinct learning pathways; The Salford MBA, MBA: Digital Business, MBA: Sports Business and MBA: Executive Education Leadership. Each pathway her been formulated in partnership with our leading research centres to impart the latest in academic theory and professional practice.


The MBA emphasises leadership and business management skills for the executive who wants to enhance their career or to move their career
in a different direction.

There are three core modules taught over six week blocks with teaching in the class room on Thursday (3pm to 8pm) and Friday (10am to 3pm) each week. During the other days there will be off-block (remote) activities such as visits to companies and the guest leadership speaker events, plus other support materials and individual tutorials. Students finish their programme with the unique Business Innovation Live Project (BILP) choosing a company project that is relevant to their pathway.


Economics with Financial Management

30 credits

Marketing with Operations Management 

30 credits

Organisational Behaviour and Change

30 credits

Choose from one of the following modules depending on the pathway you have chosen:

Strategic Leadership (Salford MBA pathway)

Digital Business (Digital Business Pathway)

Sports Business (Sports Business Pathway)

30 credits

MBA Business Innovation Live Project

60 credits

The Salford MBA

Our standard MBA is a multi-disciplinary programme that has been designed to foster a broad spectrum of business skills that are in demand across all areas of industry. Our broad range of modules and unique business partnerships make this programme an ideal option for executives who are seeking to improve their knowledge across a full range of advanced skill sets.

In line with the School’s block delivered postgraduate portfolio, there are up to six entry points per year and students will therefore take modules in a sequence dependent on their point of entry. None of the modules have pre-requisites or co-requisites and can be taken as stand-alone modules.

The Salford MBA: Digital Business

Accredited by the Institute of Direct and Digital MarketingThe MBA: Digital Business has been launched to meet increasing demand for digitally savvy business executives who can operate seamlessly in today’s digitised, global business environment.

Designed specifically for those who want to take advantage of the growing digital skills gap, this programme is the ideal way for senior managers to learn the strategic skills that will facilitate informed decision making in the face of a rapidly changing technological and economical landscape.

Our Digital business programme is taught out of the University’s state of the art facilities based in MediaCityUK. Teaching on the pathway is informed by the Centre for Digital Business, the University’s internationally recognised research facility and delivered in a unique, creative business environment.

The Digital Business pathway consists of four modules consistent across the MBA programme, with a fifth module, Digital Innovation, providing the subject specific specialism required to address employers needs in this area. The MBA Innovation Live Project will also focus on an aspect of digital business close to the student’s area of interest.

The Salford MBA: Sports Business

The Sports Business pathway has been developed by the University’s respected research Centre for Sports Business and is a unique MBA option specifically tailored to executives working within the sports and related industries.

This programme takes full advantage of the University’s position at the heart of the northwest; a region synonymous with sport at regional, national and international levels. BBC Sport is a neighbour of the University at MediaCityUK and two of the biggest brands in world football – Manchester United and Manchester City – are on our doorstep.

The Sports Business pathway is aimed at those who aspire to work at the highest levels in the sports industry and provides a mix of modules that develop business administration skills in combination a with bespoke module; Managing the Business of Sport, which provides the marketplace specific aspect of the pathway. The MBA Innovation Live Project will also focus on an aspect of sports business close to the student’s area of interest.

The Salford MBA: Executive Education Leadership

The first module is a Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Education Leadership delivered over two semesters and scheduled as 15 individual taught days. This leads onto the MBA module, delivered in 2x3 intensive blocks, incorporating 300 student learning hours of which 50 will be direct contact hours.

Students are supported during the independent learning period through scheduled meetings and activities provided on the University Virtual Learning Environment. Students finish their programme with the Business Innovation Project which allows students to develop their research and problem solving skills by identifying an issue relevant to their academy or school. Each student will be appointed a mentor to assist them through the project. The project gives students the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills in a less structured environment.

Strategic Organisational Leadership in Schools60 credits
Marketing and Operations Management30 credits
Contemporary Issues in Executive Education Leadership30 credits
Business Innovation Project (BIP)60 credits

How to apply

Full course details, entry requirements and fees can all be viewed via our course finder application, where you can also find full details about how to apply for the Salford MBA.

Programme Director

Yvonne Moogan, MBA Programme Director

Dr Yvonne Moogan