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Dr Ida Jackson

Postdoctoral Research Associate


I am a medical biologist with a MSc in Medical biology from Linköping University in Sweden who “accidently” slipped into Molecular Ecology. For my PhD thesis at the University of Nottingham I looked at Macroparasites, immune responses and immunoregulation in wild and laboratory murids. This work was funded by a Marie Curie fellowship. This later gave me the opportunity to work at Liverpool University on immune expression in field voles before I took up a postdoctoral position at the University of Cardiff applying machine-learning algorithms to define pathogen-specific immune fingerprints.

I came to Salford University late 2015 where I have been continuing looking at immune expression in field voles with focus on the immunodynamics and infectious disease risk in the natural environment. 


Here in Salford I have no teaching responsibilities except for supervising Master and PhD students in the lab. 

Research Interests

My main interest lies in the field of ecoimmunology and how genetic and environmental factors impact on immunological variation within a population.

Qualifications and Memberships

M. Sc. Medical Biology, Linköping University, Sweden

Ph.D. Ecoimmunology, University of Nottingham

Member of The British society of Immunology and The British society of Parasitology.


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