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Professor Brian Dangerfield

Professor of Systems Modelling

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Joined Salford in 1975 after a period in industrial operational research and in research at the University of Liverpool. Promoted to Professor of Systems Modelling in 2000. Served as Executive Editor of the System Dynamics Review 2002-11.


Management Science

Systems Thinking

System Dynamics

Systems Approaches in Management Research (Doctoral Programme)

Research Interests

Main research interest is in the application of system dynamics simulation models to policy-level issues in economics, business, health and public policy generally. Domains have included the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS, patient pathways and managing capacity enhancements in tertiary health care, economies of scale and capacity management in the steel industry, tourism, macro-economic modeling, competitiveness in the UK construction industry, childhood obesity and diffusion of mobile telephony.

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD; Dip Ind Admin; BSc Econ

Member of:

System Dynamics Society

Operational Research Society

British Academy of Management


Publications since 2000:

“Propagating a digital divide: Diffusion of mobile telecommunication services in Pakistan”, Technological  Forecasting and Social Change, Vol 80: 5, 992-1001, 2013. (with M Mir)

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