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Professor Amanda Broderick

Dean, Salford Business School

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  • M: 07776 473723
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Amanda is Dean at Salford Business School, University of Salford. Formerly Deputy Dean at Durham Business School, she has seventeen years in the HEI sector with significant leadership roles at both pre- and post-92 UK and international institutions. This breadth and depth of experience has given Amanda a considerable understanding of the global Higher Education marketplace and a rare insight into a cross-section of strategic groupings of Business Schools. She consults widely for business, commerce and public policy and is a representative on a variety of national and international bodies and committees.

Amanda has an international academic reputation and a strong record of forging collaborations within world-class higher education and business. Her research expertise lies in the field of marketing psychology and strategic communications with particular application to the electronic and international marketplaces. An award-winning researcher, her research has appeared in many leading business journals and she authors two seminal texts in her field. She has successfully generated over £3 million in research funding with awarding bodies from governmental (e.g. ESRC, SCRIF, HEFCE), professional (e.g. IDM, CIM) & commercial (e.g. IBM, Royal Mail) sources. She also holds a profound commitment to developing graduates with sustainable, global leadership skills as evidenced from her development and direction of multiple successful management education programmes & award-winning teaching expertise. She believes in ‘practicing what she preaches’ and engages in rigorous research that delivers a transformative contribution to business and society.


  • consumer psychology
  • marketing communications
  • e-business
  • international marketing
  • marketing strategy
  • research methods

Research Interests

Research focus in marketing psychology, with particular application to the electronic and international marketplaces.

Qualifications and Memberships

  • BA (Hons) PhD DipM DipMRS PGCTL FRSA FHEA MBGS FCIM Chartered Marketer
  • 2008: Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • 2007: Fellow of The Higher Education Academy (5899)
  • 2005: Member of Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society for Collegiate Schools of Business; MBGS
  • 2005: Member of the Academy of Marketing Science; MAMS
  • 2001: Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts; FRSA
  • 1993: Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing; MCIM
  • 1998: Member of the Institute of Direct Marketing; MIDM
  • 1993: Member of the Academy of Marketing
  • 1993: Member of the European Academy of Marketing
  • 1993: Member of the Association of Consumer Research


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