Salford Business School

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Professor David Spicer

Professor David Spicer

Dean, Salford Business School

Dr Ashraful Alam

Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Mohammad Al Bahloul

Dr Mohammad Albahloul

Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Muhammad Amjad

Dr Muhammad Amjad

Lecturer in Strategy

Rose Baker

Professor Rose Baker

Emeritus Professor of Applied Statistics

Martin Barber

Martin Barber

Senior Lecturer in Operations Management & Associate Director of Admissions

Andrew Basden

Professor Andrew Basden

Professor of Human Factors and Philosophy in Information Systems

David Beech

Dr David Beech

Lecturer in People Management

Richard Bell

Dr Richard Bell

Lecturer in Marketing & Services Management, Associate Director of Admissions, Exchange Programme Co-ordinator (Outbound)

Professor Simon Chadwick

Professor of Sports Enterprise

Kostas Chaldoupis

Kostas Chaldoupis

Lecturer in Procurement and Logistics

Kirk Chang - Salford Business School - University of Salford

Professor Kirk Chang

Professor of Organisational Behaviour Research Convenor of Law & People Management

Yun Chen - Salford Business School

Dr Yun Chen

Lecturer in Business IT

Sean Chung

Dr Sean Chung

Lecturer in Marketing


Professor Ralph Darlington

Professor of Employment Relations and Director of Postgraduate Research


Professor John Davies

Associate Dean Enterprise & Industry Engagement

Chris Doran

Dr Chris Doran

Undergraduate Director for Law & People Management

Richard Dron

Lecturer in Search & Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy and Enterprise Innovation - Associate Director of Admissions for the European Union - Module Leader Principles of Systems Development - Enterprise and Innovation Officer

David Dunne

David Dunne



Dr Nazam Dzolkarnaini

Postgraduate Associate Director: Accounting, Finance & Economics & Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Rasol Eskandari

Dr Rasol Eskandari

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Michael Evans

Michael Evans


Alex Fenton

Alex Fenton

Lecturer in Digital Business

Gordon Fletcher

Dr Gordon Fletcher

Academic Unit Head: Operations & Information Management

Roland Fox

Roland Fox

Senior Lecturer

Stacey Gurrie

Stacey Gillespie

Undergraduate Programme Director: Accounting , Finance & Economics and Lecturer in Accounting & Finance

Andrew Goudie


Marie Griffiths

Dr Marie Griffiths

Reader and Director of the Centre for Digital Business

Louise Hall

Solicitor and Lecturer in Law and Practice

Kathy Hartley

Dr Kathy Hartley

Lecturer in People Management

Dr Ahmed Hassanein

Lecturer of Accounting


Dr Aleksej Heinze

Academic Unit Head: Marketing & Strategy

Simon Ireland

Simon Ireland


Dr Ida Jackson

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Kevin Kane

Dr Kevin Kane

Programme Leader - MSc Project Management

Suzanne Kane

Dr Suzanne Kane

Programme Leader – UG Business Information Technology Lecturer – Operations & Information Management Unit

Evgenia Kanellopoulou

Evgenia Kanellopoulou

Lecturer in Law

Nicolas Kang-Riou

Dr Nicolas Kang-Riou


Ian King

Lecturer in Law

Professor Philip Kitchen

Professor in Marketing

David Kreps

Dr David Kreps

Senior Lecturer

Maria Kutar

Dr Maria Kutar

Associate Dean (Academic - Student Experience) Salford Business School

Brian Leigh

Brian Leigh


Jia Liu

Dr Jia Liu

Reader in Finance

Donal Loftus

Donal Loftus



Dr Jonathan Lord

Lecturer & Director of Employability

Agata Maccarrone-Eaglen

Dr Agata Maccarrone-Eaglen

Senior Lecturer - Marketing & Service Management

Kathleen Spencer

Kathy Maguire

Senior Lecturer

Bernard Maguire

Bernard Maguire


Romas Malevicius

Lecturer in Sustainability and Ethics

Kevin Marshall

Kevin Marshall


Dr Mostafa Mohamad

Lecturer of Information Systems

Adrian Monaghan

Dr Adrian Monaghan

Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Tim Moran

Tim Moran

Senior Lecturer

Dr Francine Morris

Lecturer in People Management

James Mulkeen

Dr James Mulkeen

Associate Dean Accreditations & Partnerships

Nadine Munro

Lecturer in People Management (CIPD Link Tutor)

Jonathan Owens

Dr Jonathan D Owens

Senior Lecturer in Operations Management & Director of UGT International Operations and Information Management Programmes

Dr Bela Ozsvari

Research Associate Fellow

Christos Papanagnou

Dr Christos Papanagnou

Lecturer in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

David Percy

Professor David Percy

Professor of Mathematics

Yiannis Polychronakis

Dr Yiannis Polychronakis

Senior Lecturer

Chris Procter

Chris Procter

Senior Lecturer

Elizabeth Przychodzki

Elizabeth Przychodzki

Lecturer in Law

Laylah Pyke

Lecturer in People Management


Dr Tahir Rashid

Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing & Strategy, Director of PGT Programmes: Marketing and Services Management

Peter Reeves

Dr Peter Reeves


Neil Robinson

Dr Neil Robinson


Eileen Roddy

Eileen Roddy

Associate Dean International

Dr Solmaz Rohani

Lecturer in Accounting

David Rossati

Dr David Rossati

Lecturer in Law

Gerard Ryan

W.Gerard Ryan

Lecturer in Tourism & Events Management

Sunil Sahadev

Professor Sunil Sahadev

Professor of Marketing

Paulo Sandro image

Dr Paolo Sandro

Lecturer in Law

Stelios Sapountzis

Dr Stelios Sapountzis

Lecturer in Project Management

Phil Scarf

Professor Philip Scarf

Associate Dean Research and Innovation and Professor of Applied Statistics

Sudi Sharifi

Dr Sudi Sharifi

Senior Lecturer in Organization Theory, Behaviour & Analysis

Faisal Sheikh

Lecturer in Accounting

Ghulam Sorwar

Professor Ghulam Sorwar

Professor of Finance

Shane Sullivan

Dr Shane Sullivan

Academic Unit Head: Law & People Management

Jonathan Swift

Dr Jonathan Swift

Senior Lecturer in International Business & Marketing

Tony Syme

Dr Tony Syme

Director of Admissions

Dr Usman Talat

Lecturer in People Management

Trevor Taylor

Trevor Taylor


Andreas Tsopanakis

Dr Andreas Tsopanakis

Lecturer in Finance

Susantha Udagedara

Dr Susantha Udagedara

Lecturer in Enterprise and Innovation

Martin Walsh

Law Lecturer

Peter Williams

Dr Peter Williams



Professor Hassan Yazdifar

Academic Unit Head: International Finance, Accounting and Economics and Professor of Accounting

Dr Jia Zhai

Lecturer in Finance and Economics

Dalu Zhang

Dr Dalu Zhang

Lecturer in Accounting and Finance