Salford Business School Ball

Salford Business
School Ball

Your alumni network

Salford Business School’s alumni network is a vibrant community of over 27,000 graduates in 127 counties across the world.

Successfully completing your course at Salford Business School automatically makes you a part of this active and diverse community of graduates which grants you with the opportunity to continue your lifelong relationship with the University and also provides free access to one of the most valuable professional communities – your fellow alumni.

In addition to staying connected with fellow alumni and academic contacts, as a Salford Business School graduate you can also take advantage of an extensive range of benefits and services;

  • Lifelong access to the Careers and Employability service
  • National and international networking opportunities
  • Competitive postgraduate and CPD loyalty discounts
  • Access to the University’s libraries
  • Social offerings such as discounts at high street venues
  • Plus much more . . .

To ensure that you stay connected with Salford Business School after graduation, update your details online or contact your dedicated Alumni Officer, Lucy Fish, at or 0161 295 5909.