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Placing you at the heart of the international business world

Global Network

Salford Business School’s global network offers exciting opportunities to develop your professional connections and benefit from a multinational approach to business education and career development.

Avenues to access global networking opportunities include:

Students - At Salford, we attract over 3000 international students a year and this provides opportunities to work and develop professionally in the company of business people from around the world. Our students gain a truly international perspective, working in a multicultural environment that encourages the sharing of ideas through group work and team assignments.

Clients - Organisations from around the world look to us for solutions to their business problems. Our academics work with students on consultancy projects, giving the opportunity to apply theory in real working environments and develop professional contacts in the national and international arenas.

Staff - Engaging with our academic and professional services staff helps students to broaden their understanding of business as a global operation. Our teaching and research is international in its scope and impact and this reflects on the attitudes of our graduates.

Alumni - The School also boasts an impressive alumni network, made up of more than 125,000 business professionals from 130 countries across the globe. We also offer localised alumni associations in countries including Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India and Malaysia, meaning wherever you are in the world, the influence of Salford Business School is never far away.

Support the School

At Salford Business School we are proud of our supporters who help us by providing sponsorship of student prizes and projects, arranging guest lectures from industry leaders and providing opportunities for students, staff and alumni; all helping us to maintain and further develop our global network. 

Our Social Media Network

Students and alumni are encouraged to maintain and develop professional contacts through our extensive social media presence. Find us on: