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International Conference Tourism

International Conference Tourism is an elective module within the International Business and Services Marketing Unit, and funded by the EU through the Life Long Learning Initiative.

This programme is run in partnership with the following higher institutions in Europe:- Laurea University of Applied Sciences Helsinki, Finland; Polytechnic Institute of Braganca, Portugal; International University College Dolbrich, Bulgaria and International School of Law and Business Vilnius, Lithuania.

Students have the opportunity to travel to and study at a hosting partner institution for 10 days. The teaching and learning involves group lectures, seminars, workshops, presentations, case study analysis, field trips and practical tasks for self-study. Group discussions, debates, role plays and guest speakers from the tourism industry are used as part of the teaching and learning strategies employed.

The objectives of this programme are  to provide students with the opportunity to study in a European partner institution, exchange knowledge and become more effective participants in a multidisciplinary and multicultural learning environment, and to create new ideas which may help solve business problems within the conference tourism industry, as well as develop business strategies for new conference/meetings/seminars and incentives initiatives and service packages that have higher demand in low seasons.

Testimonial from a participant of International Conference Tourism (2012/13)

"I was proudly part of  the International Conference Tourism Programme hosted by the Polytechnic Institute of Braganca, Portugal in the 2012/13 academic year.

My experience turned out to be above expectations not only regarding the actual travel experience and the educational purposes, but most importantly, the intercultural exchanges regarding traditions and customs, the diverse techniques and approaches in organising and delivering information and activities.

When being involved in such a programme, hosted by a foreign community with such a different background, it is impossible to foresee all its aspects and challenges. Initially, the exciting part was just to be chosen to participate in this IP thinking about going abroad to a country that wasn’t on our previous travelling list. However, the supervision provided by our great tutors was decisive for our group cohesion and my team became stronger and determined to mark our way through this programme and to become strong ambassadors of the University of Salford."

For more information about the International Conference Tourism IP at Salford Business School please contact Simon Ireland at s.ireland@salford.ac.uk.

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