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Re-classing Leisure: Critical Perspectives for a New Era - Leisure Studies Association Conference

Tuesday 9 July 2013 9.00am - Thursday 11 July 2013 5.00pm
Venue: University of Salford

Class has not featured as a principal theme of a Leisure Studies Association (LSA) conference for many years, a reflection in part of the dominant discourse of the New Labour era in which policy focused on social inclusion and excluded communities rather than poverty and class differentiation.


However, with an ever-widening gap between the richest and the poorest and the withdrawal of many basic forms of state provision, class is once again informing political and social discourse in Great Britain. It is therefore timely to re-invigorate academic debate around the relationship of class to the social distribution of leisure opportunity and practice.


This conference will address questions concerning the meaning of social class; the influence of class on the consumption of leisure; the role of leisure in forming class identity; the mediation of class through everyday leisure; the impact of the withdrawal of public sector leisure provision on access to leisure opportunities; and the relationships between class and leisure provision and planning.



The conference aims to appeal to an international audience drawn from leisure theorists, academic researchers in sociology, cultural studies, public policy, economics, youth work, social and cultural history and museology; practitioners, policy makers, curators; research and postgraduate students.


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