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LLM candidate secures senior law position

Tuesday 21 August 2012
Tang Mi, a candidate of LLM in International Business Law and Regulation, has just secured a senior position with the British Foreign Commonwealth Office in China.

She says: "After finishing my LLM, I applied for the newly-opened Commercial Diplomacy and Prosperity Officer position in the British Consulate General, Chongqing.

"My legal background, and the communication and analytical skills I have acquired from this course helped me to stand out in the written test and final interview. I have been offered the job and will soon start to work with various British Government organisations, such as the UK Trade and Investment, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the Intellectual Property Office, to deliver the UK's commercial diplomacy agenda in southwest China.

"I am truly grateful for my lecturers and Salford Law School. Without taking this LLM course, I could not have got this highly competitive job!"

Dr Jingchen Zhao, Associate Head for Research, says of her, "Tang Mi's strength is her ability to offer precise and analytical arguments based on thorough understanding of the law. She is independent and creative and well able to engage collaboratively with other students with  good advocacy skills, and commercial awareness. Tang Mi is very hard working and play an active role in University affairs including the International Office interview as one of our top students."

We all wish Tang Mi well in her future career.