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Inspirational student overcomes disability to graduate

Monday 23 July 2012
Matthew and Abdulkadir Mahmud
A student with cerebral palsy has urged disabled people to realise they can achieve their ambitions after graduating from the University of Salford on Friday, 20 July.

Matthew Mahmud, 28, from Salford, received a BSc (Hons) in Business Information Technology during a ceremony at The Lowry. He has studied business and IT since leaving school and achieved a GNVQ, diploma and foundation degree before he started the Salford course.

He said: “I want to encourage other disabled people to go to university and would ask able bodied people to be open minded about what we can achieve. Disabled people can actually have a stronger work ethic – many people have said that my hard working attitude and determination is an inspiration to them.”

Matthew’s dad Abdulkadir was present at the ceremony, but sadly Matthew’s mum died of cancer when he was 19. He explained how she encouraged him to study: “My mum said not to let anything stop me because she wanted me to do well and aim for the top. Everything I do is for mum and dad first and then myself.”

Dr Maria Kutar of the Salford Business School said: “Matthew has won the admiration of staff across the School with his determination to succeed. We are delighted to see him graduating today.”

Matthew plans to return to the University to study for a Master’s and then a PhD. His long-term ambition is to set up his own IT/website business. As he said: “The higher you go the more opportunities you get. You can do whatever you want if you have the right attitude.”