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Gastronomic Heritage Tourism – Entrepreneurship and Innovative Marketing (Intensive Programme)

University of Salford - 7 to 20 April 2013

Gastronomic Heritage Tourism, an Intensive Programme (IP) funded by the European Union’s Erasmus “Life Long Learning Programme” and hosted by Salford Business School, was held over two weeks in April and which was a huge success. The programme saw 47 students and 14 staff converge on Salford from Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Finland and Portugal to work with our own students to learn about Gastronomic Heritage Tourism – Entrepreneurship and Innovative Marketing and share their knowledge from an international perspective.

The main objective of the IP is to give undergraduates the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary and multicultural groups to develop competencies and skills in solving routine and real-life problems of entrepreneurship in gastronomic tourism. The programme is to provide students with the opportunity to find innovative marketing solutions for the complex and unpredictable business problems faced by SMEs in gastronomic tourism. The project is also designed to enable students to understand the ways in which entrepreneurial vision could be generated and used as the basis for managing sustainable gastronomic heritage tourism in the EU.

The expected outcome of this IP is to expand the volume of cooperation between HEIs and enterprises in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

The gastronomic heritage tourism programme is designed to enhance students’ innovative marketing ideas through:

  • cross-cultural workshops
  • seminar activities
  • lectures
  • presentations from guest speakers, and
  • field trips which could be used to support the development of business enterprises.

The programme will improve the quality of education, enhanced multilateral cooperation between higher education institutions in Europe and increased staff and students’ mobility.

The programme covered topics such as:

  • the cultural impacts of gastronomic heritage in the North West of England
  • gastronomy as marketing tool in promoting national and international tourism
  • sustainable gastronomic tourism
  • entrepreneurship in food and drink tourism
  • tourism impacts on gastronomic culture in Europe, and
  • promotion of corporate social responsibility in gastronomic tourism development.

Students who participated in the programme have been singing their praises amongst student colleagues and through social media about their experiences of teaching and learning in a multi-disciplinary environment. The student report evaluation shows a high level of satisfaction in areas such as contribution by the guest lecturers, theoretical content of the programme, and studying with other students from different cultural backgrounds.

You can join the Gastronomic Heritage Tourism page on Facebook.

For more information about the Gastronomic Heritage Tourism IP at Salford Business School please contact Michael Evans at m.evans2@salford.ac.uk.

Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme in association with the British Council