Salford and CIB

About CIB

The International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB)is known by its French acronym CIB.CIB logo

CIB is the world's foremost platform for international cooperation and information exchange in building and construction research and innovation. CIB has a worldwide network of over 5000 experts from 500 member organisations active in the research community, in industry or in education, who cooperate and exchange information in over 50 CIB Commissions covering all fields in building and construction-related research and innovation.

The School of the Built Environment is leading a number of joint initiatives.

Salford-led initiatives

As one of the leading research schools in the Built Environment, we are actively involved in leading and managing the following initiatives:

Working groups

Name: Information and Knowledge Management
Code: W102
Email: Professor Egbu

Name: Performance Measurement in Construction
Code: W117
Email: Professor Egbu

Name: Procurement systems
Code: W92
Email: Professor McDermott

Name: Usability of workspaces
Code: W111
Co-ordinator: Professor Alexander

Name: Law and Dispute Resolution
Code: W113
Email: Paul Chynoweth

Task groups

Name: Postgraduate research training in building and construction
Code: TG53
Email: Professor Amaratunga

Name: Building Economics
Code: TG55
Email: Professor Ruddock

Name: Disasters and the built environment
Code: TG63
Email: Dr Haigh

Name: Legal and regulatory aspects of BIM
Code: TG80
Email: Brodie McAdam

Name: eBusiness in Construction
Code: TG83
Email: Bingu Ingirige