Teaching and learning

Accessibility and Inclusive Design (MAID) was established in 2002 and ran, in its original form, for over ten years, becoming the highest achieving course within the School of the Built Environment at the University of Salford.

The course had a multi-disciplinary focus linking design and the built environment to health, wellbeing and social care and welcomed learners with all types of interest and expertise. We are now redeveloping MAID into a new course in Assisted and Independent Living which, again, we hope will attract a broad spectrum of professionals, including access officers and consultants, health and social care professionals and practitioners in urban design, planning and architecture. To harness the best collaborative relationships within the University for the benefit of our learners, it’s intended that the course will be jointly delivered, through distance learning, by the School of the Built Environment and the School of Health Sciences.

Assisted and Independent Living is currently being built around the successful model already used by the MAID programme team. Like Accessibility and Inclusive Design, the course is likely to comprise of four modules and a dissertation for students wishing to undertake the MSc. During the development period, we are not recruiting new students to either course, but we do encourage you to join our mailing list for progress updates. Please contact the Programme Leader, Rita Newton r.newton@salford.ac.uk, or regularly check the School of the Built Environment's postgraduate courses page.

If you are interested in what Assisted and Independent Living could do for you, read testimonials from students who have completed the MAID course.