Research themes

The Centre for Disaster Resilience’s (CDR) research is leading to a reduction in the vulnerability of communities world-wide to the threat posed by hazards of natural and human origin.

CDR’s research has resulted in better-informed and more socially inclusive public policy-making towards development of a disaster resilient built environment. The research has shaped a global United Nations campaign, contributed exponentially to the development of resources to enhance professional practice in the sector, including post-disaster reconstruction programmes and led the development of new partnerships in Europe & Asia.

The Centre’s expertise includes (but is not limited to) :

  • Capacity building for disaster mitigation and reconstruction
  • Risk management and sustainability
  • Post-conflict reconstruction
  • Stakeholder management and Corporate social responsibility
  • Community engagement and participation in reconstruction
  • Protection and empowerment of women and other vulnerable groups
  • Knowledge management and integration
  • Post disaster waste management
  • Extreme weather events and coping strategies
  • Business continuity analysis and planning
  • Disaster risk reduction and culture
  • Resilience and adaptive capacities of SMEs
  • Use of ICT / visualisation for Disaster Management
  • Improved disaster resilience through social media interaction