UN Sasakawa Award 2013

Sasakawa Awards

CDR was nominated to the UN Sasakawa Award 2013 submission. Under the 2013 theme "Acting As One", the UN Sasakawa Award for Disaster Risk Reduction recognizes excellence in reducing disaster risk for a safer, more sustainable world.

Federation of Sri Lankan Local Govt. Authorities nominated CDR based on the following rationale:

“CDR has been instrumental in developing new partnerships at the local and international levels, as well as promoting inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral cooperation. CDR initiated and secured funding for the ANDROID Disaster Resilience Network, which is promoting co-operation and innovation among European institutions to increase society’s resilience to disasters.

ANDROID is an inter-disciplinary consortium of academic, industrial and government partners from 64 institutions across 28 countries in Europe, as well as three further institutions from Australia, Canada and Sri-Lanka. Within Sri Lanka, CDR has developed partnerships among government, the construction industry and academia to build capacity within municipal government and the construction sector in the East of Sri Lanka with the goal of creating and sustaining more resilient buildings and infrastructure.

CDR’s capacity development, education and awareness raising activities are underpinned by world-class, inter-disciplinary research.  This research includes: the definition and implementation of policies to integrate disaster risk reduction into post disaster reconstruction to address multi-hazard threats; conflict and gender sensitive principles for reconstruction that promote socially inclusive development and cultural diversity; the management of construction and demolition waste to reduce the environmental impact of reconstruction; platforms for creating and managing knowledge among major stakeholders; and community based programmes for climate change adaptation”.