Isong Nquot

Flood Mitigation Measures in the UK

Isong NquotSupervisor: Dr Udayangani Kulatunga
Year of commencement: January 2014

Isong’s area of study looks at resilience at flooding and emergency management. The research would aim to carry out comprehensive literature review and seek to identify the gap in the body of knowledge, with respect to flooding in the United Kingdom. Thereafter, the study would possibly evolve methods and models suitable to bridge the identified gaps.

A case study research approach will be adopted to identify the flood mitigation measures used in the United Kingdom; and explore the strengths and weaknesses of those methods. The research will build on the effort of present exploratory work and guiding legislations and framework, which has already been put in place. There will be need to apply knowledge acquired from my Civil/structural Engineering background in this respect.

About Isong

Isong completed his BEng (Civil Engineering) at Nsukka, Nigeria. He completed his (Structural Engineering) Benin, Nigeria. And he completed his MPhil in Material Engineering in Liverpool


  • Nquot, I. and Kulatunga, U. (2014), Flood Mitigation Measures in the United Kingdom, Procedia Economics and Finance, 18 (4th International Conference on Building Resilience, Incorporating the 3rd Annual Conference of the ANDROID Disaster Resilience Network, 8th – 11th September 2014, Salford Quays, United Kingdom), pp 81-87, available on the Science Direct website.

Research interests

Flood disaster mitigation, structural and non-structural measures, flood risk consideration and existing framework

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