Dr Menaha Thayaparan

Dr Menaha Thayaparan

Menaha is a researcher in the Centre for Disaster Resilience. She completed her PhD at the University of Salford in contribution of women managers to the UK construction industry.

Menaha is the lead researcher and the network manager of ANDROID (Academic Network for Disaster Resilience to Optimise Educational Development) that aims to promote co-operation and innovation among European Higher Education Institutes to increase society's resilience to disasters of human and natural origin. She also contributes to CADRE (Collaborative Action for Disaster Resilience Education) that aims to address current and emerging labour market demands in the construction industry to increase societal resilience to disasters. CADRE intends to improve the quality and relevance of higher education through active cooperation between higher education institutions, industries and communities through a development of joint professional doctoral programme. She was also involved in number of research projects undertaken by CDR and the school of the Built Environment such as BELLCURVE and Construction and Women which were funded by European Commission and European Social Fund respectively.

She has over 8 years of research experience, and has written a number of publications including a book chapter, journal articles, international conference papers and research reports. Her main research theme would be disaster management education in the built environment.

The specific research interests within this theme would be:

  • Lifelong learning for the built environment professionals
  • Studying the construction labour market demands to increase societal resilience to disasters
  • Improving the capacity of higher education institutions to make them more responsive to the labour market demands
  • Improving disaster resilience education to increase the societal resilience
  • Enhancing collaboration among universities, industries and communities
  • Development of joint professional doctoral programmes

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