Dr Bingu Ingirige

Bingu Ingirige

Dr Ingirige is the Director of the Centre for Disaster Resilience (CDR) and a Senior Lecturer at the School of the Built Environment. His main research interests are in the area of flood adaptation and community resilience against flooding and other weather extremes. He has been the co-investigator of the EPSRC funded Community Resilience to Extreme Weather (CREW) project, where he led an initiative to build Small and Medium scale Enterprise (SME) resilience and coping measures against weather extremes. As part of the CREW project, his research team conducted surveys, interviews and case studies with small businesses in London (in association with the members of the Federation of Small Businesses). He was also the principal investigator for the RICS Education trust funded “Developing Flood Expert Knowledge in Chartered Surveyors” (DEFENCES), where he focused on the small market township of Cockermouth in Cumbria in their recovery after the 2009 catastrophic flood event. He is a member of the Salford Strategic Flood Forum.

He very recently received funding from ARUP to investigate cascading effects of disasters on critical infrastructure at a city level scale. The project is titled Impact aNalysis of City Infrastructure Disaster EveNT (INCIDENT). He has experience in dealing with several key South Asian players (e.g. Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre – ADPC, Thailand; National Building Research Organisation – NBRO under the Ministry of Disaster Management, Sri Lanka) and the UN (UNISDR’s Global Assessment Report in 2013). He published a paper in the GAR 13 in the area of private and public sector partnerships for minimising flood risk and he chaired a session in which the 2013 GAR report and its salient points were discussed. He has published widely and delivered keynote presentations in many international forums.

Dr Ingirige currently supervises PhD students in the broader theme of resilience that covers the cycle of preparedness, mitigation, adaptation and strategic responses including emergency management and response. He has also researched into the area of post disaster capacity building, reconstruction and recovery. He serves in the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment (IJDRBE). He has very recently been appointed as a contributing author of the next report of the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (UK CCRA) as part of the Committee on Climate Change in the areas of climate risks and SMEs and impacts on the construction sector.

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