Salford’s Centre for Disaster Resilience in partnership with RICS

Thursday 30 September 2010

Centre for Disaster Resilience at the School of the Built Environment has entered into a partnership with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to lead Disaster Management stream of activities at RICS’s COBRA International Annual Research Conference which will be held at Dauphine Université Paris, France, in September 2010.

Salford will be closely working with the RICS’s President’s Commission on Disaster Management in this activity.

The contributions will be presented for this themed session on Disaster Management which aims to stimulate ideas arising from research by exploring a range of perspectives. Thereby the construction industry is able to contribute towards improved resilience to disasters and facilitate the dissemination of the existing knowledge base.

With the increased number of natural and man made disasters taking place, there is a great need to address these issues by the academic community.

Contributions are also encouraged from postgraduate researchers in the field bringing together the International Postgraduate community in the field to present and discuss their research. Accordingly, a stream of activities dedicated for postgraduate researchers in Disaster Management will be held and there will be a dedicated stream of developmental papers for Postgraduate researchers.