“Knowledge Society or Knowledge for Society?” International Conference on the Social Sciences and the Humanities was held at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Sunday 18 December 2011

Armed uprisings, natural disasters, global recession, climate change…. The events and issues that have dominated the world scene in the first decade of the 21st century have highlighted, more than ever, the need for knowledge generation and knowledge sharing that has at its core the well-being of the human.

More than ever before, social scientists and humanists have a role to play in the production of rich and nuanced "knowledge" that attend to the multi-faceted and inter-connected nature of our existence on planet earth and the fragile ecologies that we create with other life forms which inhabit that planet.

In the case of Sri Lanka, recent events of both local and global reach have made it imperative that we retain the human subject at the centre of what we as scholars do and how we know. The conference contributed on the following sub-themes from scholars whose research helped highlight the transformative potential of the humanities and social sciences and re-vision what humanists and social scientists do in Sri Lanka in the new century.

  • Knowledge, Equity and Development
  • The Environment
  • Governance, Rights and the Discourse of Development
  • Transforming and Transformative Education
  • Conflict, Mediation, Security and Human Well-being
  • Sri Lanka - in the Region and in the World
  • Revisionist Representations - History, Arts, the Media
  • Technology and Social Transformation

There was a presentation titled “Infrastructure reconstruction programmes in the conflict affected communities of North and East Sri Lanka” and a paper entitled the same written by Haigh, R & Amaratunga, D was published in the conference proceedings.