Breaking the Mould Conference

Friday 10 August 2012

1st - 3rd August, 2012, Calman Learning Centre, Science Site, Durham University. Humanitarian Aid and Empowering Local Communities
Keynote: Valerie Amos, Head of OCHA

Societies are facing increasing levels of risk and uncertainty in disaster situations. This makes delivering humanitarian aid in disaster situations is a complicated and controversial subject.

Whilst there are numerous examples of good practice that relief workers can point to, there are also countless instances of exploitative and/or inappropriate interventions that those receiving aid have to contend with.

This conference asks whether it is time for a paradigm shift in the manner in which aid is delivered and who can be legitimately involved in such work. What are the agendas that donors should respond to if they are trying to empower local recipients? What can be learnt from research and practice in this regard?