CIB World Congress 2010 - Building a Better World

The 2010 CIB World Congress was focused on “Building a Better World”.

The construction and built environment sectors are already hugely important to achieving a world in which people are properly housed, in which buildings and transport systems support the efficient operation of our economies, and in which people are happy and healthy. But we can do better. Connecting and channelling the full capacities of the construction and built environment industries to meet the needs of the human race, head on, will transform the world, for us and for future generations.

The World Congress of the CIB is held every three years and is an opportunity for the whole CIB community to gather and exchange views across the usual disciplinary boundaries. An unprecedented majority of the CIB working commissions and task groups are represented at this 2010 Congress and we have worked to facilitate interaction with a rich mix of: specialist streams, opportunities for informal networking and a series of challenging keynotes and, in response, multidisciplinary workshops.

The congress provides a forum for researchers worldwide to debate and exchange ideas and experiences on a broad range of issues related to built and human environment research.

All of the papers were selected on the basis of double blind peer review by the scientific committee members and paper reviewers to ensure a good quality standard.

In order to stimulate linkages between groups and to raise the impact that the research community makes on the global stage, a series of joint challenges have been set with international partner organisations. These focus on how we can maximise the positive role of the built environment on a number of significant challenges:

  • United Nations (UN) – capacity development for disaster risk reduction in the built environment
  • World Health Organisation (WHO) – achieving worldwide healthy buildings
  • Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Centre for Effective
  • Learning Environments – achieving usability and sustainability in learning environments
  • European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) with the European Commission (EC) addressing the global economic crisis, whilst also achieving long term investments towards energy efficiency, client orientation and industry effectiveness
  • UK National Platform for the Built Environment – responding to clients’ needs through systems integration, supported by appropriate technologies

Another innovation for the Congress is a dedicated suite of activities for student/postgraduate researchers. These are the future innovators and thinkers for our sector and it is hoped that they went away excited and motivated to orientate their efforts to contribute to the above challenges. The programme was presented at various levels of detail, the broadest of which highlights a different emphasis on each of the main Congress days, namely:

  • Meeting Society’s Challenges
  • Building a Modern, Effective Industry
  • Maximising Value for the Future

Full conference proceedings are available at: