HORIZON 2020 South Asia launch

The European Union is a world leader in research and innovation, responsible for 24% of world expenditure on research, 32% of high impact publications and 32% of patent applications, while representing only 7% of the population.

Research and innovation are increasingly interlinked internationally, aided by rapidly developing information and communication technologies. The number of internationally coauthored scientific publications and the mobility of researchers are increasing. Research organisations are establishing offices abroad and companies are investing outside their home countries, in particular in the emerging economies.

Global challenges are important drivers for research and innovation. Our planet has finite resources which need to be cared for sustainably; climate change and infectious diseases do not stop at national borders, food security needs to be ensured across the globe. The Union needs to strengthen its dialogues with international partners to build critical mass for tackling these challenges. The new international cooperation strategy focuses on research in areas of common interested mutual benefit in order to achieve these objectives.

International cooperation in research and innovation contributes to the broader policies of the Union, as reflected in the Europe 2020 strategy, in supporting Tackling global societal challenges – by developing and deploying effective solutions more rapidly and by optimising the use of research infrastructures

Horizon 2020, the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, is right around the corner. The Programme begins early in 2014 and offers vast opportunities for funding and networking for organisations from the South Asian Region. CDR with the European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and with other partners is organising Horizon 2020 South Asia launch EU’s flagship Research Programme. Further details of this event can be found here.