Chamber of Construction Industry Collaboration

In conjunction with the Chamber of Construction Sri Lanka (CCI), CDR has contributed to public policy debate on the need for conflict sensitive reconstruction in the North and East of Sri Lanka, reskilling of internally displaced people, and an emphasis on disaster risk reduction during reconstruction. CCI enjoys Consultative Status with the Government of Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Construction and Engineering Services etc. CCI is the single voice on issues pertaining to construction and infrastructure development.

Examples of these activities include:

  • "Capacity building for rehabilitation and reconstruction" at a Seminar on "Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of the Northern and Eastern Provinces”
  • "Economic development through post-disaster infrastructure reconstruction" at the "Disaster Recovery for Risk Reduction and Development" policy dialog
  • "Reducing Risk through Post-Disaster Reconstruction" at the "Disaster Recovery for Risk Reduction and Development" policy dialog
  • Challenges in Managing Housing Needs in Post Conflict Housing Reconstruction
  • “Gender sensitivity in reconstruction - Reconstruction as a tool for conflict transformation and peace building”
  • Session lead on Gender Mainstreaming in Construction

Further, CDR led “Gender Mainstreaming in Construction” stream within the Construction Craftsman Training Programme in conflict affected areas in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Some of the activities include:

  • Conflict transformation (Conflict, Sources of conflict and What is conflict transformation?)
  • Development of ‘Conflict transformation’ (Key notes on development of Conflict transformation, Key theories, Application of the ‘Do no Harm Framework’)
  • Conflict transformation in Construction (Aspects to be considered for Conflict transformation within construction, Role of construction craftsmen in conflict transformation)
  • Incorporating Conflict transformation into construction craftsman training (Training facilitator’s guide to incorporate ‘conflict transformation’ within construction craftsman training programmes

Along with CCI, CDR collaborated towards achieving:

  • Increased capacity of targeted groups/communities to analyse and understand the causes of poverty in the target areas
  • Increased capacity of civil society groups in the target areas to continuously participate in poverty reduction and sustainable development
  • Promoted reconciliation and collaboration for sustainable development through inter and intra community involvement
  • Marginalised groups and individuals in the communities are able to contribute to community development
  • Empowered civil society groups have access to economic and social justice.