Promote flood resistance and resilience

Links with key industry stakeholders is a key in facilitating the use of our research findings to inform and influence policy, strategy and operations. There needs to be key industry stakeholder buy in where research findings are translated into programmable actions, appreciating the value of the findings and to embark on discussions on how to incorporate these perspectives in their work. In this context, we have developed strong links with key industry stakeholders including RICS.

Developing Flood Expert kNowledge in CharterEd Surveyors (DEFENCES) was a RICS Education Trust funded project
Effects of flooding have been felt by many parts of the UK resulting in extensive damage to properties. Many businesses failed to cope with these flood events and suffered extensive damage. Among businesses, Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) were the worst affected as they were the least prepared in comparison to their larger counterparts.

A multi-disciplinary team led by the University of Salford (in association with the Environment Agency and other private and public sector partners) determined the scope for increasing the adoption of low carbon and flood protection behaviour by the public. In particular the study tested the willingness of participants to carry out works that make their homes resistant or resilient to flooding, and to consume less energy in their homes.

The link between energy consumption and flooding was key in terms of the remedial work required to convert existing housing to cope with the predicted consequences of climate change. A report entitled “The Use of Incentives for Sustainable Behavioural Change to Promote Flood Resistance and Resilience” is available to download.