SURFACE - Inclusive Design Research Centre

Rita Newton returns to Kilburn, tackling 'stressful streets' with local residents

Friday 24 February 2012

Following the success of the 2011 Kilburn Debates, Rita Newton has returned to the Kingsgate Resource Centre in north London for a follow-on workshop on improving the built environment.

Once again jointly organised by the hosts, the British Society of Gerontology and the Kilburn Older Voices Exchange (KOVE), the event revisited the theme of tackling 'stressful' local streets through older residents' evidence-led campaigning.

As well as sharing progress from Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors (I'DGO), Rita introduced participants to new research project, Go Far, and heard - in return - about headway on campaigns for more seating in public spaces and accessible toilets.

The trip was combined with meetings with Age UK and the London Borough of Camden, both of whom have expressed support for forthcoming SURFACE work on older people and outdoor falls.