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Go Far team tests world’s first Challenging Environment Assessment Lab

Tuesday 30 April 2013

Go Far team members Professor Marcus Ormerod and Rita Newton are currently in Toronto, Canada conducting experiments on the relationship between mobility and the environment within Toronto Rehab’s Challenging Environment Assessment Lab (CEAL).

The ground-breaking CEAL features the world’s first hydraulic motion simulator that mimics everyday environmental challenges faced by older people and people with reduced mobility. 

Working within the CEAL WinterLab, the team will be testing a range of footwear on participants walking on a real ice floor in sub-zero temperatures and high winds in order to examine the relationship between older people, outdoor falls and the design of the public realm. The trip is the latest in a series of collaborations between SURFACE, Toronto Rehab and the UK Health and Safety Laboratory, funded by the Medical Research Council, to develop a pilot protocol for the ‘real world’ application of a range of engineering tools (Go Far Work Package 3.2).

Going Outdoors: Falls, Ageing & Resilience (Go Far) is a multi-disciplinary research project. It is funded by the cross-council Lifelong Health & Wellbeing programme, led by the Medical Research Council. SURFACE Director, Professor Marcus Ormerod, is the Principal Investigator, leading a team of 13 researchers from the UK and Canada. The project reports in summer 2013.