SURFACE - Inclusive Design Research Centre

Ageing, Transport and Mobility: the quality of the pedestrian experience

Tuesday 5 November 2013

SURFACE researchers, Professor Marcus Ormerod and Rita Newton, have spoken at a workshop on Ageing, Transport and Mobility: new approaches from researchers and providers.

Hosted by the Manchester Institute for Collaborative Research on Ageing (MICRA), the event was chaired by Professor Chris Phillipson of the University of Manchester and attended by older people, policy makers and academics from across the Northwest region.

The focus of the day was on the impact of moving away from a car-based approach to transport in older age, with speakers including Dr Charles Musselwhite of Swansea University and Stuart Murray of Transport for Greater Manchester.

Rita and Marcus talked about the importance of the quality of the pedestrian environment and experience, drawing on research projects Inclusive Design for Getting Outdoors (I'DGO) and Go Far.

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