Construct IT For Business has produced many publications over the years. Its current stock includes:

Construct IT publicationsStrategic Positioning of IT in Construction: An Industry Leaders’ Perspective

A study that gauges the current state of executive thinking and practice looking at the three core areas of (1) strategic benefits of IT, (2) the realisation of IT benefits through skills, business process and IT strategies, and (3) the investment decision drivers, new technologies, organisation e-readiness and financial returns.

Building on IT publicationBuilding on IT 2010. A survey of information technology expenditure and trends in the UK construction industry

An analysis of IT operating and capture expenditure levels and forecast trends representing the UK construction industry’s Top 200 companies including building & civil engineering contractors, house builders and developers and professional services/design firms.

E-business publication from Construct IT E-Business in the Construction Industry

The findings of an industry survey in 2012 that was part of a three year project undertaken at the Department of Civil and Building Engineering in Loughborough University focused on the current status of e-business and the strategic implications of e-business in the AEC sector.



In its aim  in promoting and co-ordinating the innovation of IT in construction, CIT has  developed a number of usable and workable tools/frameworks to assist  construction organisations manage their existing IT resources more effectively  including A Health Check of the Strategic Exploitation of IT, IT  Self-Assessment, Measuring the Benefits of IT Innovation, and Achieve Benefit from IT Projects.

How to Guides

A series of 16 publications designed to provide the industry, predominantly SMEs, with the basic guidance information on how to take the first steps in  innovating with IT. The guides were an initiative within the Construction Best  Practice Programme, funded by the DTI and steered jointly by the government and the Construction Industry Board. Each of the guides has been authored and  steered by a combination of major innovative users and key IT suppliers from  the CIT membership, thereby facilitating the dissemination of the collective  best practice experience.

Research Reports

Collaborative industry and academic-led research  targeted at the realisation of both national and international research funding strategy.