About Construct IT For Business

What are the origins of Construct IT For Business?

Construct IT For Business was formed in 1994 due to the foresight of a leading academic in the field of construction ICT, in response to the continual echoes from industry expressing the need for an industry-led network organisation/centre of excellence that promoted innovation and co-ordinated research in ICT in the construction industry in the UK.

After gaining the support of an industry champion and initial government backing, and following an initial workshop with interested parties to discuss the potential for such a network organisation, the Construct IT network was launched.

What does Construct IT For Business do?

The activities of Construct IT For Business include:

  • Providing an innovation network – an integral part of Construct IT For Business' strategy is the networking element. Construct IT holds two Members’ meetings per annum. These events include workshops, demonstrations and presentations by speakers from industry (including out-of-sector industries), academia, policy makers and other related network organisations. These gatherings provide a platform for members to interact with their peers and exchange viewpoints in a friendly and informal environment. Furthermore, the meetings are used for the dissemination of information to members and to gain valuable feedback.
  • Communications and dissemination – continually informing the industry of developments in leading-edge thinking and developments in ICT.
  • Promoting research – highlighting the need for research in areas currently not being covered and working with members to formulate bids for funding for research.
  • Managed projects – the setting up of taskforces made up of members, with assistance from the Construct IT For Business management team, on projects suggested by the membership to help promote change and develop better understanding.
  • Positive support/help for members
    • Series of publications/guides etc. (For example, How To …Guides, self help documents/tools such as A Health Check of the Strategic Exploitation of IT, IT Self Assessment Tool, etc.).
    • Linking members together; providing network support.
  • Benchmarking best practice – a series of benchmarking studies into the use of IT in support of the construction process to establish best practice.
  • Value and benefits study – a study of current ICT development and the benefits that have accrued from their implementation.
  • Collaboration and brokering – cooperation and partnerships between government, industry and academia.
  • International links – setting up links and working with similar international organisations.