Postgraduate Research

The School of the Built Environment has one of the largest global cohorts of PHD students and offers a comprehensive range of research programmes which give researchers worldwide the opportunity to realise their ambition to achieve higher qualifications via research.

At the forefront of built environment research, the School is also recognised for its warm, friendly, yet professional environment offered to international and home students. The School welcomes students who have an interest in its programmes and promises a nourishing and healthy research experience to research students whether enrolling on campus based (full-time or part-time)or distance-learning programmes.

If your proposed research is within the broad themes of informatics in the Built Environment (Building Information Modelling- BIM, Geographical Information System- GIS, Construction Information Communication Technology, Building performance modelling), Applied Buildings and Energy (Building Physics/Performance,  Sensors/ Data Collection, Data Analysis and Visualisation) or Construction and Property (Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Risk and value management, Lean construction and agile construction, Economics of the built environment, Law in the built environment, Pedagogy in the built environment),  please visit our Centre for Built Environment Sustainability and Transformation (BEST)

If your proposed research relates to Sustainable Urban and Regional Futures (Government policies, Social inclusion and sustainable development, Infrastructural and regulatory frameworks), Disaster Resilience (Capacity building for disaster mitigation and reconstruction, Post-conflict reconstruction,  Knowledge management and integration, Disaster risk reduction and culture, Community engagement and participation in reconstruction) or Inclusive Design (Creating Accessible Environments, Decent Homes Standard and Accessibility, Sustainable lifetime of buildings), please visit our Centre for Urban Processes, Resilient Infrastructures & Sustainable Environments (UPRISE)

For more information please contact Dr Chaminda Pathirage