Accelerated Degrees

What is an Accelerated Degree?

From 2016 the School of the Built Environment is introducing a new mode of study for many of its undergraduate courses; the Accelerated Degree. Whilst covering the same content as a traditional undergraduate degree, the Accelerated Degree is taught over three trimesters rather than two semesters. This more intense mode of study means that you can complete your degree in a shorter period of time, allowing you to progress more quickly into work or further study.

There are two accelerated pathway options; the full-time Accelerated Degree and the day-release Accelerated Degree. Choosing the full-time option means that you can complete a full undergraduate degree in two years rather than three. The day-release pathway allows you to complete a full undergraduate degree in three years rather than five.

Courses currently available as an Accelerated Degree:

BSc (Hons) Architectural Design and Technology

BSc (Hons) Building Surveying

BSc (Hons) Construction Project Management

BSc (Hons) Property and Real Estate

BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying

MSci (Hons) Building Surveying 

What are the benefits to me of studying in this way?

  • The accelerated pathway allows for quicker progression into a full-time career or further study, therefore giving you a competitive advantage over your peers.
  • If studied full-time there are significant financial benefits as you will only have to pay fees over two years rather than three, thus saving a years worth of fees and living costs.
  • The day-release option is an excellent solution for those wish to continue their professional development more rapidly, or for those who may be unable to commit to full-time study.

Savings key

Tuition fee savings

Accommodation savings

How will I be taught?

On the Accelerated Degree pathway, you will cover the same content as you would on a traditional degree, however, your academic year will be broken up into three trimesters, rather than the usual two semesters, utilising the summer period for study.

Can I take a placement year?

You are able to complete a placement year on both Accelerated Degree pathways. On the full-time route, you will be able to undertake a placement between years 1 and 2, extending your overall study period to three years. On the day-release route, you will be able to undertake a placement between years 2 and 3, extending your study period to four years.

If you wish to take a placement year you will be responsible for securing your own work placement. The university will help you to develop your employability skills. An academic member of staff is appointed to be your placement tutor. Your progress within your placement is monitored by the appointed placement tutor with visits to your place of employment, 'telephone visits' and the assessment of a written end of placement report which you prepare.

Full information

Download the full accelerated degree brochureDownload our full brochure that shows an example of the trimester timelines and how many savings you could make from studying an accelerated degree.