Salford Energy House

The Salford Energy House was established in 2011 and remains the only whole house test facility within an environmental chamber. It has engaged in world leading commercial research around project testing for companies such as Saint Gobain and the controls manufacturers association BEAMA, as well as smaller tests for innovative products such as Radfan.

By controlling variables such as temperature, wind and rain, test times for housing retrofit products from years to a matter of weeks. More information on the work within the Salford Energy House can be found here.

To find out more about the Salford Energy House contact Richard Fitton


Thinklab is a research and communications facility that looks at supporting innovation and collaboration, as well as undertaking work on issues such as Big Data, digital cities and integrated virtual environments. It undertakes both commercial work, as well as world leading research into issues such as data visualisation and decision making.

It has IT supported spaces, including a 3D lab, to help teams work together around problems such as Building Information Modelling, integrated working or using data more intelligently.

For more information about Thinklab, contact thinklab@salford.ac.uk