Licence to drive for greener homes

The School of the Built Environment has joined forces with construction and property consultants, Property Tectonics, to create an online learning programme aimed at housing practitioners looking to reduce carbon in homes.

The Carbon in Homes Driving Licence (CiHDL) training course was launched at the University of Salford’s hosting of Retrofit 2012, a national conference on energy efficiency in buildings that took place from 24 to 26 January. Delegates attending the conference were given the chance to find out more about CiHDL and the benefits housing practitioners can expect from gaining the ‘licence’.

Head of School, Professor Michael Kagioglou, said: “The University has developed an outstanding reputation in housing and, in particular, low energy housing since the early 1980s to the present day with the Salford Energy House attracting interest from around the world.

“We thought a short foundation course on carbon in homes would be of great value to the housing sector and would help providers to formulate their green strategies in a much more structured way than currently. For the individual practitioner CiHDL is a valuable thing to have within their skill set and provides very accessible and cost effective continuing professional development,” he said.

Property Tectonics and the University hope the CiHDL will become a standard tool for housing practitioners. They believe its low cost, online accessibility where people can learn at their own speed through video presentation and its strictures on competency assessment will appeal to all stakeholders involved in the housing field.

CiHDL is a five module programme providing a minimum of 20 hours continuing professional development and is coordinated through an online register. It can be accessed now via