Inaugural ANDROID Conference

The School will be holding the first annual ANDROID network conference in Tallinn, Estonia from 17 - 19 October, which will include a varied programme of workshops, round tables, special interest group meetings, WP working group meetings, and plenary addresses.

As the first major network conference, the programme encourages key members and their working groups to refine objectives and prepare detailed delivery plans. 

ANDROID (Academic Network for Disaster Resilience to OptImise educational Development) brings together inter-disciplinary scientists and inter-sectorial partners based at European higher education institutes, local and national government, and international organisations. The partners, 67 at the network’s inception, will work together to deliver a challenging programme of activities. The network has representatives from thirty one countries (twenty eight in the EU) as well as organisations from Australia, Canada and Sri Lanka.

The School of the Built Environment's Centre for Disaster Resilience, led by Professor Richard Haigh and Professor Dilanthi Amaratunga, is the lead partner of this global inter-disciplinary consortium that seeks to promote co-operation and innovation, and increase society’s resilience to disasters of human and natural origin. 

You can view the full project at Centre for Disaster Resilience website.