Dr Moritz Pieper

Lecturer in International Relations

  • Crescent House 200A
  • T: +44 (0)161 295 4723
  • E: M.A.Pieper@salford.ac.uk
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Office Times

Mondays, 12:00-14:00


I completed my doctoral research at the University of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies on non-Western foreign policies towards the Iranian nuclear programme.  During this time, I also was a visiting Research Fellow at China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU), Beijing, at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Brussels, and at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London.


I am module convenor in International Politics 1 (Level 4), Contemporary International Relations (Level 5), Contemporary Security (Level 5) and US Foreign Policy (Level 6)

Research Interests

My research focuses on Russian foreign policy, Russian-Western relations, and their impact on the international relations of the post-Soviet space and the Middle East. I have researched Chinese, Russian, and Turkish foreign policies towards Iran and the controversial politics surrounding sanctions policies. I also have an interest in EU diplomacy and US Foreign Policy.

Qualifications and Memberships

2015 – PhD International Relations (from the University of Kent)
2012 – MA International Relations (with distinction – International Double Award from the University of Kent, Canterbury, and the Higher School of Economics, Moscow)
2010 – BA (Hons) European Studies (from Maastricht University)
Member of the British International Studies Association
Member of the International Studies Association  
Member of the Young German Council on Foreign Relations (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik e.V.)


Refereed Journal Articles

Pieper, M, ‘The Construction of Crisis: The “internal-identitarian” nexus in Russian-European relations and its significance beyond the Ukraine crisis’, Politics in Central Europe, 12(1), pp. 95-110.

Pieper, M & Salman, M & Geeraerts, G 2015, 'Hedging in the Middle East and China-U.S. Competition', Asian Politics and Policy, 7(4), pp.575-596.

Pieper, M 2015, 'Between the Democratisation of International Relations and Status Quo Politics: Russian Foreign Policy towards the Iranian Nuclear Programme', International Politics, 52(5), pp.567-588.

Pieper, M 2014, 'Chinese, Russian, and Turkish Policies in the Iranian Nuclear Dossier: Between Resistance to Hegemony and Hegemonic Accommodation', Asian Journal of Peacebuilding, 2(1), pp.17-36.

Pieper, M 2013, 'Dragon Dance or Panda Trot? China's Position towards the Iranian Nuclear Programme and Its Perception of EU Unilateral Sanctions', European Journal of East Asian Studies, 12(2), pp.295-316.

Pieper, M 2013, 'Turkish Foreign Policy toward the Iranian Nuclear Programme: In Search of a New Middle East Order after the Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil War', Alternatives - Turkish Journal of International Relations, 12(3), pp.81-92.

Pieper, M & Winter, M & Wirtz, A & Dijkstra, H 2011, 'The European Union as an Actor in Arctic Governance', European Foreign Affairs Review, 16(2), pp.227-242.

Chapters published in edited volumes (2015)

Pieper, M 2015 'Turkey's Iran Policy: A Case of Dual Strategic Hedging', in: Kanat, K B & Tekelioglu, A S & Ustun, K (eds.), Politics and Foreign Policy in Turkey. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, SETA Publications, Ankara, Turkey, pp.107-130.