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I have been teaching and researching at the University of Salford since 2007. During this time I have organized several international conferences on The Fall, Subcultures and Lifestyles in Eastern Europe, Polish Cinema, and Noise as well as numerous invited seminars. I was involved with the foundation of the journal Studies in Eastern European Cinema and worked as both Reviews editor and Co-Editor and am now serving on the editorial board. I was also a founding member of the Network for European Cinema and Media Studies (NECS) and served for three years on the publications committee working towards the successful establishment of the NECSUS journal amongst other activities. As well as actively developing an international research and teaching profile, I have been active in numerous conferences and other events in the UK and Europe, North America, Latin America and the Antipodes and has delivered invited presentations in many of these locations. Currently I hold the CAPES/Science without Borders Special Visiting Researcher Fellowship for a three project with researchers from UNISINOS, Brazil on Cites, Creative Industries and Popular Music Scenes. I am the PGR Co-ordinator of the School of Arts and Media. Prior to this I was a Visiting Professor at the University of Lódz, Poland (2004-2007) and before that held numerous positions including Lecturer in Television at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and Lecteur d’anglais at the Charles V Institute, of the University of Paris.


My teaching ranges across undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is focused on film and media studies. I have taught a range of modules on the TV and Radio programme including the core module Media Texts and Audiences, Alternative Media, Critical Approaches to Radio and Sonic Cultures, and has also taught film studies modules such as Critical Approaches to Film, Research Methods and Film and Theory. I have also taught subjects such as Digital Culture and Film Form on several MA programmes, and I am supervising MA and PHD research in Electronic Dance Music, Film Adaptations, Serious Games, the use of social media in political movements and film practice-led research.

Research Interests

My current research centres on European cinema and media culture, particularly in Poland from the 1960's to the present as well as on radical media in the spheres of film and video, radio, post-punk music and digital culture. This research has resulted in multiple book chapters and journal articles. Recently I published the monograph Impossible Cartographies with Wallflower/Columbia University Press on the cinema of the Chilean-born filmmaker Raúl Ruiz. My research into radical media is connected to my contribution to the paradigms of media archaeology and especially media ecologies and this approach underlies my current research project on radical media ecologies of the 1970s, Guerrilla Networks, as well as the Unnatural Ecologies issue of Fibreculture, I co-edited with Jussi Parikka. I have also done substantial research into Gilles Deleuze's aesthetic and film theories, which has also resulted in a number of publications. Another strand of my research concerns Italian post-autonomist political thought and media theory, particularly the work of Antonio Negri and Franco Berardi (Bifo), which has resulted in several journal publications. More recently I have co-edited two volumes on noise, Reverberations and Resonances for Continuum/Bloomsbury and I am currently co-editing a collection on music videos for the same publisher.

Qualifications and Memberships

I was awarded a PHD in Art History and Theory from the University of Sydney (2004) and an MA with high distinction from the University of Otago in Film Studies (1998). I also completed a BA Honours in Communications at UTS, Sydney with first class honours (1995).

I am a founding member of the NECS network as well of the Network for Eastern European Film Scholars in the UK (NEEFSUK), for which I have organised research events.


Authored Books

2013, Impossible Cartographies: The Cinema of Raul Ruiz, Wallflower Press, London, UK. 

2010, Gombrowicz, Polish Modernism and the Subverison of Form, Purdue University Press, West Lafayette, USA. 

Refereed Journal Articles

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2005, 'The Surface, the Fold and the Subversion of Form: Towards a Deleuzian Aesthetic of Sobriety', PLI: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy, Vol 16

Book Chapters

2014, Goddard, M, 'Félix and Alice in Wonderland: The Encounter Between Guattari and Berardi and the Post-Media Era', in: Apprich, C & Slater, J B & Iles, A & Schultz, O L (eds.), Provocative Alloys: A Post-Media Anthology, Mute Books; PML Books, London; Luneburg, UK; Germany, pp.44-61.

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Edited Books

2014, Goddard, M & Mazierska, E Beyond the Border: Polish Cinema in a Transnational Context, Rochester University Press, Rochester, USA. 

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Encyclopedia Entries

Goddard, M 2014, 'Media Ecology', in: Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media and Textuality, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, USA