Semester Study Abroad

Semester Study Abroad (SSA) is an exciting new international study scheme at Salford that offers students from universities around the world the opportunity to broaden their academic development, experience life in the UK and become part of Europe’s largest student community here in Manchester. Within our competitively priced fee package, students not only study for a semester at the University, but can also enjoy a range of benefits including a cultural programme of tours and field trips to some of the UK’s most famous landmarks and attractions. Unlike traditional study abroad, it is not dependent on formal institutional partnership arrangements or reciprocal exchanges.

Choose from over 400 modules

Under the scheme, students typically take three modules, of which at least two are related to their degree subject. While your own institution accredits the module, you are fully integrated into our own undergraduate cohorts and benefit from the same academic expertise, support, facilities and professional exposure that all our own students enjoy. For details of modules available, please contact

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