Recording studios

Adelphi Recording Studios facilitate students undertaking music production-based courses. It comprises five recording studio spaces, each providing at least 24-channel digital recording systems as well as analogue tape machines. Each studio is built around a large-format analogue mixer and has a dedicated live space.

The studios feature:

-    Recording consoles by Audient, SSL and Toft

-    Monitoring by PMC, Genelec and Dynaudio Acoustic

-    AD/DA converters from RME, Lynx and MOTU

-    Multi-track tape machines by Otari and Tascam

-    Neve, API, TLA and Focusrite microphone preamps

-    Empirical Labs’ Distressors, DBX and Drawmer compressors and gates

Opening Times

Monday - Friday: 9.00am – Midnight

Saturday: 10.00am – Midnight

Sunday: 10.00am – 9.00pm

Students can book in person at the studios office each week at specified times, or over the phone on 0161 295 3363.


Recording studios Recording studios Recording studios Recording studios