The University of Salford’s Music Directorate is a place of diverse musical vibrancy. We have a strong sense of tradition as well being keen to encourage innovation. It was here that the first degree in popular music was founded, alongside our proud history of brass band, jazz and classical musicianship.

Our focus on brass and classical studies is complemented by our breadth of genres to ensure a unique blend of musical experience for all of our students. Many of our graduates go on to carve very successful musical careers, with past alumni including members of bands such as Everything Everything, Delphic, Dutch Uncles as well as individuals such as Garry Cutt and Paul Lovatt-Cooper.

Indeed, we have strengths in music composition, performance and musicology across many musical styles and genres, and our music technology expertise encompasses many facets of the field to the highest of levels. Our recording facilities are reputed as one of the best in Europe, with the New Adelphi building, opening in Autumn 2016, housing 6 industry standard recording studios as well as a large live band room for ensembles and a range of acoustically treated rehearsal and practise rooms. As well as students benefiting from a high level of one to one tuition, they also have the option to study modules in events management and conducting.

Our teaching is completely serviced by practitioners regularly engaged in industry. This musical breadth is founded upon international staff research profiles and complemented by our very healthy PhD and DMA student population. For instance Nigel Clarke, Martin Ellerby, Bob and Nicholas Childs, James Gourlay, Graham Jones, Nicholas Grace, Chris Davies, Ken Downie, Rodney Newton and Luc Vertommen.

Please feel free to visit us and savour for yourself our welcoming and creative musical environment.



MA Music Performance student Tom Attah sings the Blues -- 'Long Time' A Blind Club Session