Martin Cosens

Martin Cosens

BSc Computer and Video Games

Year of graduation

Current job title and company/profession
Team Leader at Lamplight Studios

After finishing my course, I partook in the Dare to be Digital competition in Scotland. My team, which was made up of myself and 4 other members of my course, were voted to be one of the 3 winners of the competition, and have been nominated for a BAFTA. We also received funding from Channel 4 and are currently developing a full new IP for publishing by them.

The course at Salford emphasised and gave me experience in possibly the most important element for my CV. Practice and experience actually developing titles. It meant that as well as simultaneously expanding my portfolio, I was developing skills in my own area, and working with a team for an experience that would to a degree actually mimic the real working environment I intended to take part in.