Hummie Mann

Hummie Mann

Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)

Year of graduation

Current job title and company/profession
Hollywood film composer

Two-time Emmy-award winning Canadian composer/arranger, Hummie Mann has collaborated with some of Hollywood’s most celebrated directors in both features and television films. His motion pictures projects have ranged from Mel Brooks' Robin Hood: Men in Tights to Peter Yates' Year of the Comet, the children’s film Thomas and the Magic Railroad to Wooly Boys directed by Leszek Burzynski. For television, he has scored projects for Simon Wincer (the miniseries P.T. Barnum), Jonathan Kaplan (the miniseries re-make of In Cold Blood), Norman Jewison (Picture Windows), Peter Bogdanovich (The Rescuers: Tales of Courage - Two Women), Joe Dante (Masters of Horror: Homecoming), Jim Abrahams (First Do No Harm), Richard Friedenberg (Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas), William Friedkin, John Milius and Ralph Bakshi (all part of the Rebel Highway series), among others.

He was honoured with his second Emmy Award for an episode of Showtime's Picture Windows entitled Language of the Heart, a love story about a street musician and an aspiring ballerina.  The composer's score so impressed director Jonathan Kaplan that Kaplan hired him to write the music for CBS’s In Cold Blood starring Anthony Edwards and Eric Roberts.

Hummie’s practice-led research focussed on the analysis and evaluation of contemporary film scoring devices.